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Why Chose Conservatory Climate Control ?

We have developed a system of installing cladding to the inside of your conservatory roof, this can be color coded, plastered over and continues the contours of your ceiling seamlessly, It will transform your conservatory and has the following benefits:

Conservatory roof solutions offer a bespoke installation service that lines the interior roof of your conservatory; our team can transform the interior of your conservatory in a few days perfectly matching its existing lines and contours. The lining is a timber suspended frame ensuring the structure of the conservatory isn’t compromised and has many benefits. It dramatically increases the insulation of the conservatory reducing the heat lost on the winter and the keeping it cool in the summer. The lining also reduces the amount of noise inside reducing general noise and rain noise it transforms your living space potentially adding value.


We offer the best fitting service available and can fit an average roof out in just a few days, the roof can be finished in upvc cladding or plaster.


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  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Reduces solar Glare
  • Keeps conservatory warm in winter and cool in summer 
  • Reduces noise
  • Adds value to your property 

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